Excel Network Rent a Car is a wholly South Australian owned and operated family business.

Q. Can I take the vehicle off road?

A. Yes, you are allowed to take our vehicles off road however, there is no insurance for any under carriage or overhead damage to the vehicle whilst travelling on an unsealed road.

Q. What are the Seat Belts laws in Australia?

A. All states in Australia have mandatory seat belt laws. Penalties apply if the driver and or passengers are not wearing them.

Q. What is an Excess (Damage/Loss liability)?

A. This is the $ value you have agreed to pay in the event of an accident. This is agreed upon prior to the collection of the vehicle.

Q. Do I have to pay my Excess (Damage/Loss liability) if it is not my fault?

A. Yes! Until the outcome of the claim has been decided and the Insurance Company has deemed the third party at fault, Excel Network Rent a Car is entitled to hold the excess applicable. This will be refunded once it has been determined that no liability rests with (you) the hirer/driver.

Q. Can I use someone else’s credit card?

A. No! Unless the credit card holder is present at the time of collection or comes in prior to the collection of the vehicle to provide written consent.

Q. Can I hire a Car without a Credit Card?

A. Yes! However you are required to leave a $1000 cash bond. You are required to show your drivers licence and provide 2 utility bills with the same address as your licence. You may also be required to provide an alternative contact telephone number.

Q. How is the Hire Rate calculated?

A. Hires are calculated on a 24 hours basis however there is a 1.5 hour grace period. *Grace periods are not valid from 1st December through until 31st March.

Q. How old do I have to be to hire a vehicle?

A. You can hire a car if you are 21 years and over and not older than 80 years of age.

Q. If I lock my keys in the car, am I covered by Roadside Assist?

A. No! Roadside Assistance does not cover non mechanical defects such as lost keys, keys locked in the vehicle, flat battery due to lights being left on and so on….

Q. What do I do if my vehicle breaks down?

A. You need to contact us on 8234 1666 however all Nissan Vehicles please call 1800 035 035.

Q. What do I do if I have an accident?

A. Please call our office on 8234 1666. This number is also available after hours as the phones are diverted through to our mobiles. We advise all customers not to drive at night time due to the high number of wildlife.

Q. What do I do if I travel interstate and use a Toll road?

A. Most toll roads are cashless therefore we suggest you pre-arrange your travel prior to leaving Adelaide. You can find out more information using the links below…

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