Family Car Hire Adelaide

Are you having trouble planning a family trip to Australia? Are you frustrated that you can’t book quality cars for the vacation? Your worries will end once you consider Excel Rent a Car. This company will give you a fantastic family car hire Adelaide service and other amazing hotspots all over the state. You can enjoy the celebrations of Adelaide Lightning sports or the lush Botanical Gardens with a Nissan Micra. Not only that, the company also gives free advice about the best hostels and places to see. You can trust Excel Network Rent a Car because it has been a recognised establishment for 25 years. It started its business in Richmond and has flourished since then. The cars they offer are of high quality but they come at affordable prices. Some 4 seater family car hire Adelaide cars come at $35 per day. They also come with excellent features such as air conditioning and power steeling.

The Features of Family Car Hire Adelaide

Having a family car hire Adelaide would be an effortless because Excel Rent a Car only gives quality cars. Most of them are 4 seaters and come in the best conditions to ensure your family’s safety. You can expect to receive all of these benefits from the company:

• Choices of CD or MP3 players for music that all ages can enjoy

• The opportunity to travel freely with a car that runs on 5.5L/100km – 128g/km

• Traffic-less directions to Adelaide Central Market, Kangaroo Island, and South Australian Museum.

• Your pick of quality family car hire Adelaide such as Nissan Micra, Mazda 3, and Toyota Tarago

• Advice on the best and budget-friendly hostels that can accommodate your family.

• Ensured parking spots at Adelaide Zoo or during Adelaide festivities.

• A washed car that comes in full details with no hidden fees.

• A car that can wait for you at Keswick Station and Adelaide Airport.

• Amazing family activity suggestions that you can only experience in Australia.

• Operators that are friendly and provide clear instructions.

• A free kid car seat and dual air bags to make sure your kid is safe at all times.

• Plenty of trunk space for your family’s things.

• Sweet promos like a 5 day car rental for $100, and the 5th day is free.

You would be glad to witness that Excel Rent a Car would fill out all the blanks when it comes to your need for family car hire Adelaide. Your kids and spouse would be thrilled to rent a car and enjoy all of Adelaide’s adventures. They’d be amazed you got a car that is safe for the family, stylish for all eyes, and affordable for all your plans. Excel Rent a Car will help you every step of the process on your way to finding your family car hire Adelaide solution.

Excel Network Rent a Car can assist you in planning your holiday or business trip