Budget Adelaide Car Rental For Your Trip To Adelaide


In most countries, having a temporary vehicle can become quite expensive. You’d be surprised that when traveling to Australia, Budget Adelaide Car Rental is always available. This is because Excel Rent a Car has built itself to become the top choice for Australian tourists and locals. The company has been providing quality cars at affordable prices for as low as $25 a day. It is a family business that started 25 years ago in Richmond and has flourished with several branches all over the state. It offers budget Adelaide car rental such as Nissan Micra for $25 a day and Mazda 2 for $35 a day. The other exclusive promos this company provides would make you want to explore Adelaide more because of its budget friendly ways. You’d find other car rentals would only provide quality cars at roof high costs. The wonders that Excel Rent a Car can do to make your trip comfortable and affordable will truly amaze you.

What To Expect With Budget Adelaide Car Rental


There are a number of car rental services that provide cheap vehicles but with low quality details. The Excel Network Rent a Car company always acts upon their promises with vehicles that match the full details discussed. Here are a list of the budget Adelaide car rental you will be assured of:
Nissan Micra for $25 a day or the Super Saver promo. It can fit up to 4 people and has 1 small trunk. You can ride this sweet car to run at 6.5L/100km – CO 2 emissions 154g/km. It is has features such as dual air bags, CD and MP3 players, automatic, blue tooth, and air conditioning.
Mazda 2 for $35 a day or the Small Car deal. This classy car can also suit 4 people and 1 small trunk. This vehicle runs at 5.5L/100km – 128g/km. It shares the same amazing features of the Nissan Micra.
Any of these two cars can also be rented for 5 days and the 5th day would be considered free! You could get to all of Adelaide’s popular places quickly.

Budget Adelaide Car Rental Hot Spots

The most recommended areas are: Adelaide Zoo, Adelaide Gaol, and South Australian Museum. You’d be assured of the quickest directions to these places and a safe parking spots. All you have to do is call the services or inquire online. The operators of Network Rent a Car would review your budget Adelaide car rental options. They would give clear instructions about picking up the car. You’d also be promised of paying no hidden fees.
Excel Rent a Car will make spotting the best budget Adelaide car rental an easy task. You wouldn’t have to put up with low quality or too expensive cars anymore through their deals. If you are looking for a budget Adelaide Car Rental, look no further than Excel Rent a Car.

Excel Network Rent a Car can assist you in planning your holiday or business trip