Finding a Rent A Car Adelaide

When you want an adventure with family or friends, an SUV is necessary. The problem is it can be quite hard to find an SUV of good quality and at an affordable place. The good news is more and more tourists are recommending Excel Network Rent a Car. This service established itself 25 years ago in Richmond, now it has branches in all a whole host of hotspots in Australia. Your Rent A Car Adelaide problem would be solved since the company offers sturdy and excellent quality vehicles at budget-friendly costs. The Nissan Xtrail 4WD and Nissan Xtrail 2WD are only $55 a day to hire. You could rent it for five days and get the fifth day free. Excel Network Rent a Car offers your Rent A Car Adelaide with exclusive features. Find out the great deals you can get from the information below.

Rent A Car Adelaide And Getting Your Nissan XTrail

To have the best Rent A Car Adelaide you should inquire at Excel Network Rent a Car. Our service can provide you with a Nissan XTrail 4WD or a Nissan XTrail 2WD that you can pick up directly from Adelaide Airport. When choosing this car rental service, you’ll receive the following benefits:

• An impeccably washed car in full details.

• A full gas tank that runs its vehicle at 8.3L/100km – 192g/km for 4WD and 8.1L/100km – 188g/km for 2WD.

• A car that can ride the Sealink Ferry when traveling to Kangaroo Island

• A Rent A Car Adelaide that has automatic and power steering.

• The best directions when going to Adelaide hotspots like the Ayres House Museum, Port Power sports games, and The Chocolate Factory.

• Recommendations on safe and affordable hostels.

• A vehicle that has CD or MP3 players for all the types of music you love while traveling,

• A vehicle that would await you at “in demand” areas like Adeline Market or Adeline CBD.

• A comfy ride with air conditioning and cozy 5 seats.

• Lots of space for your stuff, at least thrice the size of a regular car.

• Ensured parking area and traffic less directions during Adelaide festivities.

A Rent A Car Adelaide would be easily crossed of your ‘to do list’ since you can trust Excel Network Rent a Car. You’ll be glad to invest in our cars because of the minimal cost and vehicles that you can always trust.

Excel Network Rent a Car can assist you in planning your holiday or business trip